Cloud Security

Cloud Security has become imperative for companies using hosted or virtual infrastructures. Companies all around the world are increasingly relying on cloud infrastructure as a service. Since manyroutine operations of a business are dependent on cloud based infrastructure, its security is of utmost importance. 4XFast cloud security can provide the required reassurance that hosted or virtual infrastructure and assets of a company are adequately protected and safe.

Overview of 4XFast Cloud Security

A company is entirely responsible for the safeguarding of its own physical assets. This includes the wired and wireless networks within the premises, all computing systems and devices, machines and hardware, software and web or mobile applications, databases and emails among other forms of access & communication. Cloud infrastructure is not under the direct supervision or control of a company. Hence, cloud security is not a responsibility of a company using hosted infrastructure as a service.

While a company relies on the security of a cloud based infrastructure and service provider, it still remains accountable for the safekeeping of its own data & personally identifiable information of its clients or customers, the protection of all accesses and communications, and the larger cyber security posture. 4XFast cloud security services can provide this quintessential reassurance.

Functions of 4XFast Cloud Security

The scope of 4XFast cloud security can be as limited or extensive as you want. The purview of our service can be confined to only a few aspects of cloud security, or it can cover all of it. This is a choice available to you as a client. The decision may also be influenced by the nature of cloud services you use.


Companies using only one or two cloud based services may not need too many tests and investigations. Companies that are completely reliant on cloud services for their entire businesses should opt for our comprehensive approach. Here are the primary functions of 4XFast cloud security.

  • Review of Cloud Security Apparatus
  • Compliance Tests & Assessments
  • Security Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Analyses of Risks & Threats
  • Comprehensive Report with Recommendations

Benefits of 4XFast Cloud Security

The precise number and scope of benefits of 4XFast cloud security depend on the nature of the service you opt for. Irrespective of the customization of our cloud security service, here are the most noteworthy benefits.

  1. Identification and Assessment of Risks

Similar to our security testing that identifies and assesses risks in your IT infrastructure; we can do the same for your cloud based assets. Protecting your onsite and physical IT setup is not sufficient when some of your virtual assets may be vulnerable to breaches and cyber attacks. 4XFast cloud security is the only way to know if your cloud service provider is adequately protecting its own infrastructure and operating environment.

  1. Detection of Vulnerabilities & Threats

We can detect the vulnerabilities and threats by identifying and assessing the risks in your cloud security posture. This assessment is crucial to understand the weaknesses in the cloud security apparatus, and appropriate recommendations are put forward to make the entire infrastructure failsafe and breach-proof.

  1. Adherence to Compliance Standards

As a company, you have to comply with certain standards, including regulations of the industry and local laws. Your cloud based assets are not in your direct control. It is also beyond a company to know for sure if a cloud service provider is being compliant with all laws and standards. Our cloud security service conducts necessary tests and reviews to ensure adherence to necessary compliance standards.

  1. Security of Networks, Systems and Applications

4XFast’s cloud security team uses a plethora of tools and manual interventions to test the security of networks, systems and applications that are hosted or connected to the cloud based assets. Cloud based servers, databases, network support systems, web and mobile applications, all such assets are subjected to penetration testing. We emulate real attacks and truly test the efficacy of cloud security. If any of our penetration tests succeeds to breach the security posture, then you will know that your cloud based assets are vulnerable. Corrective action can then be taken before an actual attack happens.

  1. Protection of Data and Communications

All our cloud security tests have the objective of protecting your data, communications, and both virtual as well as real assets. Since many of your onsite assets are connected to cloud based infrastructure, it is imperative to ensure both are secured to protect your business interests. 4XFast cloud security along with our SOC as a service can provide the necessary blanket protection.

  1. Prevention of Breaches& Unauthorized Accesses

4XFast cloud security report lays out all vulnerabilities. Our intelligence analyses highlights the potential threats and kinds of attacks your cloud infrastructure may have to deal with. Acting on our recommendations can successfully prevent probable breaches, including all types of unauthorized accesses.