SIEM | Security Information and EventManagement

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) combines state of the art tools and real time services dedicated to detect anomalous incidents in networks and all systems of a company. 4XFast offers SIEM as a part of its SOC proposition within the ambit of Managed Security Services.

What isSecurity Information and Event Management?

The IT or ICT infrastructure of any contemporary company usually has at least one network, multiple systems and devices, a few applications, and some databases. The servers for databases, emails, and other purposes may or may not be within the premises. For expected functioning of every department and uninterrupted operations, the network facilitates innumerable communications, the systems and devices interact with one another within and beyond the organization, the applications are accessed by authorized users, and the servers provide the foundation for all such activities.

Every access is logged. It could be a log-in to a system, an email, or an application. All data transfers are also documented. Any such activity is an event. Over a period of time, the logs tend to develop a pattern. Studying the entire security information paradigm enables cyber security specialists at 4XFast to understand the types of authorized accesses to a network, within the technological framework of the company, and the various uses of all its technical resources. This understanding enables our experts to flag unauthorized access, suspicious activity, or malicious event.

Features of 4XFast SIEM

  • Log Aggregation
  • Log Analysis
  • Log Forensics
  • Log Retention
  • User Activity Monitoring
  • Event Correlation
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Object Access Auditing
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Real Time Alerting

Benefits of 4XFast SIEM


SIEM is one of the many inseparable components of SOC as a service. Managed Security Services cannot be holistic or comprehensive without efficient and effective security information and event management. While the larger objective is a failsafe cyber security apparatus, SIEM delivers the following benefits as a standalone tactic.

  1. Assessment of Routine Incidents & Events

4XFast’s log aggregation, analysis, and forensics lead to a complete assessment of routine incidents and events. This assessment is crucial if anomalies are to be detected. Our SIEM solution performs all assessments and then uses the understanding to detect every anomalous and suspicious incident or event.

  1. Assimilation of Intelligence Inputs & Analyses

The assessment of all routine incidents and events, including the standard and expected deviations in many accesses and activities, leads the 4XFast team to attain intelligence inputs. Such intelligence gathering mechanisms are critical to understand the nature and scope of cyber threats for a specific organization. Analyzing these intelligence inputs and reports allows our cyber security experts to form a strategy for SIEM.

  1. Prevention of Unauthorized Network Connection

4XFast SIEM prevents every unauthorized network connection. Since all routine, standard and expected connections are logged and assessed already, unauthorized activities can be detected and prevented. Real time monitoring of the entire cyber security network further strengthens this preventive action.

  1. Blocking of Illegal Accesses & Anomalous Activities

SIEM takes into account all potential points of access, from emails to database interactions, communications within a network to every exchange of information. All potentially suspicious accesses, anomalous activities and outright threats are detected and blocked immediately.

  1. Detection of Suspicious Events & Instant Notifications

SIEM precedes deployment of countermeasures. The latter is facilitated by instant notifications following the detection of suspicious events. The countermeasures could range from shutting down a point of access to blocking flagged internet protocol addresses, among several other tactics.

  1. Adherence to Compliance Management & Reporting

There are several compliance standards that demand an effective SIEM strategy. One of the most common and important example of such standards is PCI DSS. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is imperative for every company that deals with financial transactions, online or offline, especially using credit and debit cards. PCI DSS compliance is aimed at preventing data theft, misuse of personally identifiable information, and different types of financial fraud.

4XFast’s SIEM ensures flawless compliance management and reporting. SOC as a service including SIEM is a quintessential requirement for every company that relies on an IT or ICT infrastructure. 4XFast offers bespoke SOC as a service including customized Security Information and Event Management.