Accelerate Your Software Release with 4XFastDevOps Services

Delivering software through manual procedures is mind-numbing and expensive. It not only hampers the quality of code but also time-to-market. That’s why, at 4XFast Technologies, we put emphasis on teamwork, automation, amalgamation, and communication through our DevOps services.

We guarantee agile delivery and eliminate bottlenecks in software development by gradually maintaining high-performing terms.DevOps is not simply an individual tool, but a full-fledged chain of processes which incorporates the following 5Cs:

  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Continuous Feedback

The 5 Cscombined help to keep real-time communication alive with no compromises on quality while facilitating faster software development process.

Features of 4XFast DevOpsServices

Starting from planning, coding, and testing to deployment and maintenance, our DevOps services automate the whole software development and operation cycle. 4XFast’sDevOps services include:

Code Integration and Inspection

With our continuous code integration and inspection services, we can identify small changes quickly that can lead to a defect, and thus avert the same. We ensure clean code and improved quality.

Infrastructure Management

4XFast Technologies’DevOps services utilize the cloud to enhance reliability and scalability of your organization’s infrastructure.

Configuration Management

We enforce standardized configuration in an agile and automated manner.


We automate the process of project deployment. Companies can become more agile and well-organized while reducing the risk and overall production time

Client’s Benefits

With our expertise and experience in DevOps solutions, we aim to reduce downtime, automate software release cycle, improve the quality of software, and enhance the feedback process. Clients get high-quality software in a much shorter development lifecycle.

Why Us?

4XFast Technologies have agile business goals and we are technologically a step ahead. We offer end-to-end DevOps services. To assure desirable returns for our clients, we are unwaveringly committed to the quality of the software we design, develop and deliver.