Cyber Security Threat Detection

4XFast SOC as a service includes Cyber Security Threat Detection. Any cyber security strategy is incomplete without an array of tactics to detect threats. An effective cyber security threat detection system should proactively identify all suspicious activities, whether external or internal. Contrary to common perception, not all cyber security threats originate beyond the networks and systems of a company. Many kinds of cyber security threats are caused or facilitated by internal errors, unintended human mistakes, and general unawareness.

Benefits of Cyber Security Threat Detection

Cyber security threat detection is necessary and significant for various reasons. 4XFast SOC as a service including cyber security threat detection can literally be the difference between successful uninterrupted operations of a company and its business being in jeopardy.

  • Legal Compliance & Obligations

Every company dealing with information, whether of people or other businesses, must adhere to the local laws pertaining to privacy and data protection. All countries in the world have such laws. Additionally, there are specific laws pertaining to network security, database management, protecting personally identifiable information, and safeguarding the interests of people and commercial entities.

These laws make it mandatory for all companies to comply. Companies are also obligated to report cyber security threats. Such legal compliance and obligations cannot be attended to without cyber security threat detection. 4XFast SOC as a service ensures that your company is always compliant with the relevant laws.

  • Adherence to Industry Standards

All major industries have stipulated best practices. Many of these practices have been turned into protocols. Such industry standards are used by associations of businesses, trade bodies, and regulatory authorities to ensure optimum security against cyber attacks. As a company operating in an industry, you must adhere to these standards.

4XFast assists companies in all major industries to learn about the standards that should be adhered to. Our SOC as a service has a comprehensive plan to ensure that your company has effective cyber security threat detection processes to comply with the industry standards.

  • Prevention of Data & Financial Theft

Cyber attacks are often intended to steal data, including financial information. Lack of cyber security threat detection makes cyber attacks probable and easy for malicious actors. 4XFast cyber security threat detection can prevent any and every type of approach to conduct data and financial theft.

  • Aversion of Costly Recovery & Restoration

Data and financial theft can put an entire business in jeopardy. Many businesses do not recover from the aftermath of such cyber attacks. Other types of fallouts, such as denial of service, operations held at ransom, and shutting down of essential systems of a company, can be phenomenally costly to recover from. Full recovery and restoration can cost a fortune. Avert these crises with 4XFast cyber security threat detection.

  • Sustenance of Brand Reputation

A company unable to protect the data and financial information of its customers or clients, associates and other third parties loses its reputation. A brand dealing with consumers will lose public trust. A company dealing with businesses will lose the faith of their clients. Cyber security threat detection can consequently contribute to the sustenance of brand reputation, and hence viability of a business.

Functions of 4XFast Cyber Security Threat Detection

4XFast cyber security threat detection systems and processes are holistic. We do not have an exclusionary approach towards any aspect of our SOC as a service. If there is any specific proactive process that has to be established and sustained for effective cyber security threat detection, then we ensure that is in place at all times for complete security. We are continuously working with all our systems to provide blanket cyber security from all sorts of threats and attempted attacks. 4XFast cyber security threat detection functions can be broadly classified into the following.

  1. Protection against All Kinds of Malicious Actors

There are different kinds of people and entities that carry out cyber attacks. The common culprits are organized crime groups, hackers, cyber terrorists, competitors, and foreign governments. Cyber threats emanating internally can be the result of errors of your staff, or weaknesses in your IT & ICT infrastructure. Our approach shall protect you against all these, and more.

We at 4XFast use 24×7 security monitoring of networks, systems and logs, advanced correlation, intrusion detection and prevention systems, among other processes, to prevent malicious actors from gaining access to your IT & ICT infrastructure to cause any kind of compromise.

  1. Protection against All Phases of Cyber Threats

Cyber attacks may appear to occur suddenly but they are rarely abrupt. Almost all types of cyber attacks happen over a period of time before culminating. There are a few common phases of cyber threats before, during and after an attack. These are usually reconnaissance & probing, intrusion & establishing access, exploitation & installation of malware, data manipulation and theft, and covering of tracks & exit.

4XFast has distinct systems and processes to detect cyber threats in each of these phases. In most cases, the cyber threats are detected in the very first phase. This is facilitated by advanced correlation. Identifying changes in log patterns and activities can raise red flags. These suspicious activities can be detected as and when they happen for the first time, thus halting the progression of a cyber threat into an attack during the initial reconnaissance and probing.

  1. Protection against All Types of Cyber Attacks

There are many types of cyber attacks: phishing, malwares including spyware and ransom-ware, distributed denial of service, algorithm manipulation or internet of things, and brute force strike. There are existing or prevalent, emerging or evolving, and advanced or sophisticated cyber attacks. 4XFast is prepared to protect all your assets against all types of cyber threats and attacks.

Our cyber security threat detection is an integral part of SOC as a service. 4XFast cyber security threat detection can keep your business protected against all threats and attacks. The complete package of SOC as a service also provides preemptive and preventative security upgrades based on actionable intelligence inputs and analyses.