Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is a holistic management approach including a defined set of processes, guidelines, tools, and methodologies for streamlining and safekeeping of all your information. 4XFast offers comprehensive DCIM services, including:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Multitier Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Management Strategy
  • Energy Management
  • Analyses of Virtual and Logical Systems
  • Utility Management
  • Resource Consolidation
  • Space Management
  • Data Center Automation
  • Contingency Planning

The right DCIM strategy can enable your company to reduce utility bills, extend the life of servers, eliminate downtime, and maximize the value of your critical infrastructure.

4XFast’s DCIM Implementations

We at 4XFast Technologies have a 4-step agile system for implementing DCIM that ensures a lightning fast management system.

  • Monitoring and Accessing

We conduct real-time round-the-clock data monitoring and then provide remote access to the technicians to respond to issues.

  • AutomatedData Capturing for Multifaceted Planning

We implement various strategies to automate data capture and we use that to plan relevant processes.

  • Diagnostics

We facilitate data capture, analysis, and diagnosis to constantly improve the management strategy.

  • Automation

Finally, we automate and optimize all strategies for comprehensive DCIM management.

4XFast comes with an impeccable track record, unique and regular operational services, unmatched passion and expertise in the domain, and ever reliable customer support. Streamline your data center infrastructure management with 4XFast.