24×7 Security Monitoring (Subpage of SOC)

24×7 security monitoring is as imperative as having trained personnel physically guarding and protecting the premises of a company. 24×7 cyber security monitoring is as vital as having round-the-clock video surveillance through a closed-circuit television or CCTV network. One of the most consequential benefits of our Security Operations Center as a service is the stringently thorough and perennially relentless monitoring of your networks, systems, processes, devices, and more.

What is 24×7 Security Monitoring?


4XFast conducts security monitoring in real time. Our team of cyber security experts, including engineers, analysts and threat hunters, is always proactively vigilant to detect all types of suspicious and malicious activities. Your network, servers, systems, devices, applications, processes, and communications can be compromised at any time if a hacker or bad faith actor succeeds at establishing access, and then misuses or manipulates the IT or ICT infrastructure. Such harmful acts can put your business in jeopardy. 4XFast’s 24×7 security monitoring prevents these malevolent attacks.

Our security monitoring processes are holistic. The real time monitoring includes: network inspection; detection of unusual activity; remediation post identification of a malicious threat; log management; analysis of all intelligence inputs; assessment of firewalls;preventing attempts to gain unapproved access, unauthorized collection of data, and suspicion logins; among others. The proactive approach and real time assessments also enable us to preempt probable failures or vulnerabilities in the cyber security apparatus. This empowers us to take corrective action to fix bugs, plug the loopholes, and upgrade the security systems to make the infrastructure impermeable and impregnable.

Significance of 24×7 Security Monitoring by 4XFast

Today, internet networks operate uninterruptedly, unless there is an infrastructural disruption of any kind or a human intervention to shut down. Since networks are constantly operational, they are perpetually under threat. A company may have stipulated business hours, beyond which the staff may not be at the office. However, the networks, servers, and communications are not limited to these operating hours. From websites to emails, mobile applications to databases, and financial transactions, a plethora of systems and processes run all the time. These need to be monitored in real time.

All cyber security strategies have active and passive defense systems. Passive defense systems have necessary protocols and processes of detecting threats after an attack has been executed. Some passive systems can prevent various types of attacks. Targeted attacks have to be stopped proactively and preventatively in real time. This requires active defense systems. 24×7 security monitoring by 4XFast attends to this crucial requisite. Ex post facto approaches are an attempt to mitigate the damage. Companies should not solely rely on such tactics when the damage can be completely averted by preventing the attack in the first place. This can be achieved with the help of 24×7 security monitoring by 4XFast.

Benefits of 4XFast’s 24×7 Security Monitoring

There is a plethora of benefits of SOC as a service including 24×7 security monitoring by 4XFast. Our cyber security services can literally be the difference between a company running its businesses without any disruption and an organization having all of its confidential information, including trade secrets, and operations at risk of being partly or completely jeopardized. Here are a few consequential benefits of 4XFast’s 24×7 security monitoring.

  • Protection against Malwares


Our holistic approach prevents all types of malicious software from invading your networks, servers, systems, and devices. We protect your infrastructure from ransom ware, spyware, viruses, worms, and combinations of different kinds of malware. Firewalls, antivirus, antimalware, and antispyware software are not always effective at guarding against all threats. This is primarily because of the constant evolution of these malicious software and their codes. Software databases are updated only when malicious agents are detected, identified and reported. Real time 24×7 security monitoring by 4XFast detects and identifies even those malwares that have not been reported and included in databases.

  • Detecting Phishing Operations

Phishing operations are widely used by hackers to obtain more information, to assess vulnerabilities, and to strategize the actual attack. Most phishing operations are inconspicuous. The staff of a company, customers or clients, vendors and associates or collaborators, third parties, and others related to the business in some way, may not even know that they have been victims of phishing. It is only after a disaster strikes that investigations reveal a phishing operation. Foresight is always better than hindsight. 4XFast can detect and stop these phishing operations and hence prevent the cyber attack. Detection of red flags and prevention of attacks is the core focus of our 24×7 security monitoring.

  • Disallowing Unauthorized Access


24×7 security monitoring by 4XFast can detect all types of unauthorized and unwarranted access. Unauthorized access is not limited to emails and computing systems. Unsanctioned access to network and database servers can lead to several kinds of devastating consequences. Hackers use different kinds of tactics to establish and sustain unauthorized access. They may use Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attack, Structured Query Language (SQL) injection, zero-day exploit, or DNS tunneling. It is not rare for hackers to use a combination of techniques. Disallow all such unauthorized access with our 24×7 cyber security monitoring.

  • Preventing Data & Financial Theft

Any type of unauthorized access and cyber invasion can lead to data and financial theft. Ransom ware can block key access to crucial components of a network and malwares such as spyware can discreetly obtain data or financial information and transmit the same. An active hack can steal any and all data stored in a system, whether a server or a hard drive in a computer connected to the network. The network could be wired or wireless. Zero-day exploit, MitM attack, SQL injection, and DNS tunneling can also facilitate data and financial theft. Prevent all such probable thefts with 24×7 security monitoring by 4XFast.

  • Forestalling DoS Attack

A DoS or denial of service attack can partly or completely disrupt the regular operations of a company. A variant of this is DDoS or distributed denial of service attack. Both DoS and DDoS attacks can lead to unavailability of websites, mobile applications, email servers, and access to networks. Such attacks can also shut down machines in factories that are connected to a network. Many state of the art machines use integrated software for all their functions and operations. Such commercial and industrial machines can malfunction or be shut down during DoS or DDoS attacks. These attacks can be detected before the consequences become obvious. Forestall these attacks with our 24×7 security monitoring.

  • Stopping Fraudulent Transactions

4XFast’s 24×7 cyber security monitoring can stop all types of fraudulent transactions. This could be financial in nature, wherein unauthorized payments are processed. It could also be nonfinancial, such as unauthorized emails, sharing of confidential information through what may appear to be legitimate ids and following official sanction, wrongful representation or other forms of deception and impersonation. The only way to stop such fraudulent transactions is to study patterns. Such malicious acts must be detected when there is a slightest abnormality or hint of suspicion. Only a proactive SOC as a service with 24×7 security monitoring can lead to detection of the earliest signs of these fraudulent acts, which is quintessential to preventing the damaging consequences.

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