Incident Response

Incident Response (IR) is a specialized service offered by 4XFast. Companies have the option to choose our all-inclusive SOC as a service, which provides customized incident response. We also attend to incident response as a standalone service. All organizations using an IT infrastructure should have an incident response plan to protect their assets, operations and business interests from cyber threats & attacks.

What is Incident Response?

Incident response is a multifaceted cyber security approach to protect onsite, digital, and virtual or offsite assets from an array of threats and attacks. The objective of incident response is multi pronged.

  • The first aim is to detect a cyber security threat before it turns into an attack. Detection leads to prevention. 4XFast uses an assortment of tools and services for incident detection.
  • The second goal is to detect a cyber security attack that is already underway. Such detection can lead to thwarting the attack before it manages to cause any damage.
  • The third aim is to reduce the damage caused by an attack that may have already happened in the past. This includes facilitating recovery, so both time and money can be saved.
  • The fourth aim is to conduct extensive root cause analysis and preparing a report that can strengthen the cyber security apparatus of an organization.

Functions of 4XFast Incident Response

4XFast’s incident response mechanism is a holistic approach. It uses 24×7 network security monitoring, managed security services, advanced correlation, security information and event management, as well as incident detection and incident prevention systems. As a standalone service, incident response has the following functions.

  • Proactive Monitoring of All User Activities
  • Proactive Assessment of All Network Activities
  • Real Time Monitoring of All Potential Threats
  • Detection of Anomalous Activities
  • Identification of Malicious Threats
  • Instant Alerts and Notifications
  • Prompt Reporting of Security Threats
  • Analysis of Suspicious Activities & Threats
  • Creation & Execution of an Incident Response Plan
  • Investigation and Documentation of Incidents

Phases of 4XFast Incident Response

4XFast devises a customized incident response plan depending on the specific needs of a company. The entire spectrum of threats is in consideration to understand the type of cyber security attacks that may be likely for an organization, given its nature of business and the components of their infrastructure. A typical incident response plan has three phases: Prevention, Detection, and Response.

  1. Incident Prevention Systems

4XFast uses incident prevention systems and protocols to ensure threats are assessed and attacks are thwarted. Incident prevention involves various tools and controls to secure networks, end points, and various processes of a company. All systems are reviewed so their configurations can be upgraded if needed. System patching, log aggregation, advanced correlation, and a plethora of proactive forensics are used for incident prevention.

  1. Incident Detection Systems

4XFast has comprehensive incident detection systems to identify suspicious user behavior, probable compromises, scope of data leaks, and vulnerabilities that can be exploited for breaches. All our incident detection systems, including tools and services, are operational around the clock to ensure real time monitoring. Our incident detection and prevention systems are deployed to operate in synergy.

  1. Incident Response Systems

The first step of incident response is to have a plan. This plan includes detection, prevention, and response. 4XFast’s incident response systems include state of the art tools, both software and human interventions, automated processes and manual countermeasures. An incident response plan includes root cause analysis, a thorough investigation to reveal all vulnerabilities, managing and reporting threats, and improving the cyber security strategy.

Benefits of 4XFast Incident Response

  • Real Time Incident Detection, Prevention & Response
  • Proactive Monitoring, Research and Analysis
  • Instant Notification of Threats and Incidents
  • Advanced Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs)
  • Aversion of Damage to Assets, including Financial Loss

The most noteworthy of all benefits of 4XFast incident response is averting a crisis. A crisis emanating from a cyber attack and the resulting damage can actually put the entire business of a company in jeopardy. Data theft, compromised networks and systems, hacked servers, denial of service attack, financial fraud, and many other severe consequences can threaten the viability and sustainability of a business. 4XFast’s SOC as a service including incident response is the cyber security armor companies need today.