Threat Intelligence

The cyber security landscape is riddled with various types of threats. There are malwares, such as viruses, worms, ransomware, and spyware. Botnets, phishing, DNS and SQL based threats, and Man in the Middle or MitM attacks have become increasingly common. Malicious activities in the garb of web crawling systems, the deep web, and Advanced Persistent Threat, or APT, also pose a plethora of dangers. Companies must have an effective threat intelligence strategy to constantly improve their cyber security posture.

Overview of 4XFast Threat Intelligence

4XFast offers a bespoke Threat Intelligence Platform, or TIP, that covers all potential vulnerabilities in a specific cyber security posture. Our approach includes identifying every IoC, or Indicator of Compromises. Our Advanced Correlation service including comprehensive log management; SIEM or Security Incident & Event Management; APT assessments; SOAR or Security Orchestration, Automation and Response; and strategized C&C or Command & Control center;ensure that your cyber security apparatus is breach-safe and hack-proof.

Functions of 4XFast Threat Intelligence

The functions of 4XFast threat intelligence service are customized based on the needs of a business. These functions are always specific for an industry as the threat landscape is not identical. Banking systems are exposed to different kinds of threats compared to the healthcare sector or the pharmaceutical industry. Likewise, retail or ecommerce has to deal with a distinct threat landscape compared to manufacturing, or energy.

  • Deep Web Monitoring
  • Content Analysis
  • Advanced Heuristics
  • Email Spam Trap Detection
  • Tactful Honeypots
  • Botnet Monitoring
  • Scanning Web Crawlers
  • Sandbox Analysis

There are innumerable malwares, most of which keep evolving rapidly. These malwares have to be studied, understood, and countered. Likewise, there are a ton of threats emanating from hackers, who may use a combination of tactics. From web crawlers to botnets, phishing to brute force attacks, hackers can employ an array of tactics that must be assessed for adequate improvement in your cyber security.

4XFast studies every facet of your cyber security posture and conducts a thorough threat intelligence assessment. Our team of experts factor in IP Reputation, URL or Domain Reputation, File Reputation, Phishing Feeds, Malware Feeds, APT Feeds, and C&C Feeds, to be always abreast of the emerging challenges.

Benefits of 4XFast Threat Intelligence

  1. 4XFast threat intelligence service prepares your company to prevent all potential attacks. Unless a threat is assessed and understood, there is no way to prevent it from becoming an actual compromise. Our Indicator of Compromises flags all vulnerabilities. Advanced heuristics enable us to learn from the past security incidents or events that your company may have encountered. We provide an analytical and insightful report with actionable recommendations.
  1. 4XFast conducts static and dynamic Sandbox analyses for malwares. Our team can use honeypots to lure bad actors, including hackers, to identify probable flaws in your cyber security posture. We study Command and Control IP feeds and Advanced Persistent Threats to have a lucid understanding of the kind of vulnerabilities that your cyber security apparatus may have or develop in due course of time.
  1. We use a bouquet of tools and resources including anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-spam, anti-fraud, and anti-hacking technologies. Our cyber security threat intelligence service is the most inclusive preparatory and preventive measure you can have in place for your organization.
  1. Powered by deep learning, artificial intelligence and several detection mechanisms to flag anomalies, our threat intelligence will not only keep you a step ahead of malicious actors and their actions, but you will also have significant improvements in your cyber security apparatus, including but not limited to the following:
  • SWG: Secure Web Gateway
  • SEG: Secure Email Gateway
  • WAF: Web Application Firewall
  • NTA: Network Traffic Analysis
  • EPP: Endpoint Protection Platform
  • EDR: Endpoint Detection and Response
  • SIEM: Security Incident & Event Management
  • SOAR: Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

4XFast threat intelligence framework may also be opted for as a part of customized Security Operations Center as a service.