Managed Security Services

4XFast’s managed security services are available as a standalone option. The various functions are also available within the ambit of SOC as a service. Companies opting for our Security Operations Center as a service will automatically receive all our managed security services. The entire spectrum of cyber security has many distinct aspects, and each of those can face an array of threats. Managed security services are a macro strategy within SOC to attend to diverse threats in a cohesively planned & synergetic manner. Managed security services cover not just the cyberspace but also technological infrastructure that is not necessarily connected to the internet all the time.

Functions of 4XFast Managed Security Services

There are two types of functions of 4XFast managed security services: generic and customized. All businesses require several basic and certain advanced security services, such as potent firewalls; detection of breaches; and safeguarding various kinds of data like intellectual property, personally identifiable information, health information or medical history, financial details, and more.

The customized approach caters to specific needs of a company. A bank and a hospital do not have identical vulnerabilities, and thus the cyber security posture needs to be appropriately set up and managed. Likewise, a research & development center dealing in unprecedented innovations and pioneering developments have distinct cyber security needs compared to ecommerce businesses.

4XFast managed security services are devised, strategized, executed, and scaled up & down depending on the needs of your business. Irrespective of industry and nature of business, some of the usual functions of our managed security services are:

  • 24x7x365 Network Monitoring
  • Real Time Alert Monitoring
  • Security Misconfiguration Detection
  • Endpoint Vulnerability Assessment
  • Endpoint Security Management
  • Firewall Management
  • Intelligent Log Management
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems
  • Managed Identity Services
  • Website Gateway Management
  • Synergized Threat Management
  • Timely Upgrade of Cyber Security Measures

Benefits of 4XFast Managed Security Services

The foremost benefit of 4XFast managed security services is the availability of impeccable protection against all kinds of threats without investing a fortune in technological infrastructure and resources, specialists, and the perennial deployment of all essential assets to stay a step ahead of malicious actors. There are many other benefits of 4XFast managed security services:

  1. Proactive Protection against Cyber Security Threats

Most cyber security threats emanate due to a blind spot or some kind of vulnerability in the defense systems and protective resources. The entire threat landscape relevant for a specific type of business is proactively assessed by 4XFast. This enables us to prepare for the possible and probable cyber security threats for your business. As a result, our managed security services can provide effective protection against the entire gamut of cyber security threats.

  1. Active Detection of Breaches & Intrusions

Breaches and intrusions can occur at any time. These may also happen due to no obvious lapse in the ICT infrastructure of your company. Beyond your own network and in-house security, there are third parties involved, whether for products or services, as collaborators or in other capacities. Cyber security threats may also emerge due to laxity in the extended networks, shared systems and processes, accesses provided to third parties, and a combination of all these & more. 4XFast factors in all such elements and thus, our managed security services are capable of conducting active detection of breaches and intrusions. We also use a combination of proprietary technologies and open source intelligence systems to thwart cyber security threats.

  1. Preemptive Countermeasures to Breaches & Intrusions

Proactive protection and active detection require another advanced tactic to provide an impenetrable armor of cyber security. This is ensured by our preemptive countermeasures to breaches and intrusions. Any intrusion detection system is capable of serving only half of the objective. It needs an effective intrusion prevention system which possesses all relevant countermeasures to stop the breaches and intrusions before they wreak havoc. 4XFast has a team of expert ethical hackers, cyber security specialists, coders, threat hunters, analysts, and incident response managers. Our managed security services are delivered by this team with each area of specialization having multilevel expertise. We have a stringent contingency plan for all our clients, so every breach, intrusion, or threat can be met with escalating resistance through our arsenal of countermeasures.

  1. Frequent Reviewsof Cyber Security Apparatus

The entire cyber security apparatus of any company must be reviewed periodically. Given the nature of cyberspace and how swiftly new threats emerge without much recorded history and assessment, relying solely on intelligence is not a pragmatic approach. Our managed security services including frequent review of the full spectrum of the cyber security apparatus, and this includes both static and dynamic resources. Not only are firewalls and antimalware programs reviewed, we also evaluate the continuing efficacy or the lack of it in security measures for servers, systems, processes, communications, and encryptions, among others.

  1. Preventative Threat Assessment & Management

There is a proactive and real time aspect of our managed security services. These are effective at the time of an attack. It is equally important to conduct preventative threat assessment, which is the only way to be really prepared for an actual attack. Along with our frequent reviews of cyber security apparatus, the team entrusted with delivering our managed security services carries out timely assessment of all potential threats. We generate comprehensive but easy to understand reports detailing all such threats and how our managed security services will deal with the attacks.

  1. Proactive Improvements in Cyber Security

Many companies review and change their cyber security strategy only after an attack. 4XFast does not endorse the policy of responding to threats or attacks as an ex post facto remedy. Our managed security services including constant appraisal of the cyber security posture. This endeavor enables us to identify problems as and when they develop. Blind spots, vulnerabilities, or probable weaknesses in the face of constantly evolving and emerging threats must be detected before a breach or intrusion occurs. Our proactive improvements, which could include rectifying errors, plugging loopholes, or a substantial upgrade of your cyber security posture, will ensure you have failsafe protection against all kinds of threats.

  1. Cyber Security Compliance Management

Most countries in the world have cyber security laws. The United States have the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, or CISA. India has multiple laws that collectively ascertain cyber security compliance. These laws include Information Technology Act, relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and Companies Act, and NIST CSF framework along with ISO/IEC 27001 compliance. There are several International Standards for cyber security compliance, such as ISO/IEC 27001 & 27002, ISO 15408, IEC 62443, ISO/SAE 21434, and ETSI EN 303 645. There are country specific standards such as NERC,                 NIST, FIPS 140, GDPR, CCPA, SOX, and IT-Grundschutz. Companies often need to comply with industry specific standards, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA,AICPA, GLBA, and UL 2900.

Some cyber security standards and compliance requirements are voluntary. These are not necessitated by law, but industry associations and regulatory authorities recommend adherence to these compliance standards. Some of the reputed ones are NIST, CIS Controls, ISO 31000, and COBIT. There are several other specialized laws and compliance requirements, such as FERPA, ITAR, COPPA, and NERC CIP Standards. All such laws and standards require cyber security compliance management. 4XFast managed security services can be customized to ensure that your organization does not violate any of the clauses of relevant laws and international, national, or industry specific standards.

  1. Analysis and Remediation of Human Errors & Potential Risks

4XFast managed security services are not limited to cyberspace. There are many potential threats that are actually facilitated by human errors. There can be inadvertent mistakes by some employees of a company including senior management executives who may not be specialized in cyber security or information technology, and vendors or other third parties, as well as in communications and shared systems & processes. Our blanket sweeping and combing operations including multifaceted reconnaissance and extensive assessment of behavior & habits of people accessing the various resources of your company help us to identity relevant red flags. These human factors are analyzed and we lay out potential errors, if some are already not underway. Analysis and remediation of human errors and potential risks are integral to our managed security services and SOC.

  1. Intelligence Reports: Security, Threats, and Solutions

4XFast prepares and delivers detailed intelligence reports. These reports have comprehensive assessment of all kinds of security measures in place, analyses of threats including intelligence gathering and inputs, and recommended solutions. While the reports are technical, these are presented in a manner that makes the details lucid and accordingly the executive management or owners of a company can approve required interventions.

  1. Flexible Cyber Security Infrastructure & Resources

4XFast offers both generic and customized managed security services. Our SOC as a service is flexible, so you have the freedom to decide the purview of our intervention. Companies can conveniently scale up our managed security services, or choose to wind down if there is such a preference. 4XFast has the infrastructural capacity, technological prowess, and human resources, to ensure optimum flexibility of managed security services, and in our SOC.