What happens if your enterprise encounters a partial or complete loss of data? Do you have a contingency plan? Every business relies on data, and it must be protected at all times. Data backup and continuity is basically a process of creating and storing all information that is valuable for your organization.

4XFast takes into account all potential threats that could compromise your data. We have a multi-tiered secured data protection system to ensure absolute safety of all databases and essential information to facilitate swift restoration in the event of a catastrophe.

Importance of Backup & Continuity

Backups are handy during primary data failures. There are many threats to data security and accessibility, such as:

  • Hardware or Software Failure
  • Data Corruption
  • Malware Attacks
  • Accidental Deletion of Data
  • DataTheft

Features of 4XFast Backup & Continuity

We are adept at handling any type of data and can ensure smooth sailing for your business with uninterrupted operations. 4XFast’s backup and continuity services offer:

  • Robust Service Level Agreement including Guarantee
  • Fully Controlled Backup Scope with Smart Frequency
  • Industry Leading Automated Tools and Recovery Processes
  • 360 DegreesSupport
  • Strategized Proactive Data Backup

As a company, you can choose the specifics of your data backup and continuity strategy. Our experts will help you choose the ideal:

  • Backup Length
  • Backup Frequency
  • Recovery Features
  • Backup and Recovery Cost
  • Continuity Tests

Bid adieu to your worries pertaining to data security, backup, continuous availability, and accessibility with 4XFast Technologies.